The SAFETY RAIL SYSTEM is constructed of steel material and is easy to assemble. The SAFETY RAIL SYSTEM provides a warning system that can be utilized at roof openings, along the leading edge of buildings during both new and retro fit construction. The system incorporates appropriate design and engineering which complies with requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Code for the Province of Alberta Part 22, Section 315 (1), (2), and (3). The design engineering permits the system to withstand the forces exerted by a worker stumbling against the system, guidelines for exerted force are based on a load of 200 lbs. applied to the SAFETY RAIL SYSTEM, complying with the 2004 Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Code ( Part 22, Section 315 (1),(2) (3) ). It is the work director's responsibility to ensure that all required jurisdictional health and safety regulations for the geographical region in which the SAFETY RAIL SYSTEM is used be adhered to.

As with all equipment, inspection must occur on regular intervals either through formal or informal process by a competent worker. Identified equipment deficiencies or defects observed must be promptly repaired or otherwise remedied. Only maintenance personal competent to maintain this equipment adequately should perform task(s) of repairs. All maintenance and inspections should be planned and conducted in a safe fashion. It is recommended that a competent worker complete a hazard assessment prior to setting up the SAFETY RAIL SYSTEM then complete an inspection equipment check upon initial erection completion and each day prior to work commencement in the direct area. Pre-inspection should include a review of all critical parts such as anchorage points for corners, cable tension setting, and overall condition of the SAFETY RAIL SYSTEM.

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