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It is recommended that all installers have full working knowledge of the care, use, limitations and maintenance of the Safety Rail System and install the Safety Rail System in compliance with the recognized Health and Safety Authority having jurisdiction for the region in which the Safety Rail System is to be used. B.E.L. has supplied sample questions in which purchasers may use at their own discretion when selecting training criteria compliance for the region in which their work is to proceed.

a) a Fall Arrest System
b) a Travel Restrain System
c) a Guardrail Warning System

2. The employer must ensure that :
a) untrained workers to the "SAFETY RAIL SYSTEM" do not install
b) only competent installers are permitted to install "SAFETY RAIL SYSTEM"
c) any worker can install "SAFETY RAIL SYSTEM"

3. Prior to installing the "SAFETY RAIL SYSTEM" a qualified install must complete a :
a) The substrate will provide an adequate connecting point for the "SAFETY RAIL SYSTEM"
b) safety meeting
c) tool inventory check list

4. The "SAFETY RAIL SYSTEM" can be secured to the substrate by :
a) adjustable parapet clamp
b) mechanically fastened to wooden plate
c) both adjustable parapet clamp and mechanically fastened or combination

5. Where would a worker find information about the Occupational Health and Safety requirements for guardrails :
a) "SAFETY RAIL SYSTEM" supplier
b) Health and Safety Authority having jurisdiction for the region in which the "SAFETY RAIL SYSTEM" will be used
c) Both a & b

6. According to the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Code a guardrail must have:
a) a horizontal intermediate member spaced mid-way between the top member and the base
b) a horizontal top member installed between 920 millimeters and 1070 millimeters above the base of the guardrail
c) both a and b

7. The spacing between the vertical members at both ends of the horizontal members with intermediate vertical supports are not more that :
a) 3 meters apart
b) 5 meters apart
c) 8 meters apart

8. Where would a qualified installer find information on the "SAFETY RAIL SYSTEM" linear limitations :
a) Material Safety Data Sheets
b) Transportation of Dangerous Goods "Drivers Handbook"
c) "SAFETY RAIL SYSTEM" Connection Requirements

9. What is the distance that the "SAFETY RAIL SYSTEM" can be installed in a straight length for a clamped only application on a wood parapet wall :
a) 200' - 0"
b) 250' - 0"
c) 300' - 0"

10. How much is reduced for each external corner on a straight length when mechanically fastened on a wood parapet wall :
a) 25' - 0"
b) 40' - 0"
c) 50' - 0"

11. How much reduced for each internal corner on a straight length when screwed only on a concrete parapet wall:
a) 20' - 0"
b) 30' - 0"
c) 40' - 0"

12. When mechanically fastening end post the installer must ensure that posts are securely fixed to a wooden parapet wall for the system to be effective. What type of fasteners is required as a minimum :
a) 1/4" x 1-1/2" wooden
b) 1" sheet metal
c) 3" spike nail

13. What are the critical anchor points of the "SAFETY RAIL SYSTEM"
a) Outside corners, inside corners and break post /end post combo
b) Winch to the end post
c) Steel cable to the spool

14. When must the "SAFETY RAIL SYSTEM" be inspected on a work site :
a) After initial installation, prior to each day use and when dismantled
b) Not required
c) 1 time per month

15. Should a worker fall against the system what must occur :
a) Complete on site components of the "SAFETY RAIL SYSTEM" must be taken out of service
b) Reinspection of "SAFETY RAIL SYSTEM" by Professional Engineer for damage
c) Both a and b

16. How many crosbie clips are required for each separate wire cable loop used within the "SAFETY RAIL SYSTEM":
a) 4
b) 3
c) 2

17. Once the "SAFETY RAIL SYSTEM" has been properly installed where must visible ribbon be positioned :
a) between each 3 meter straight post, positioned in the center of the cable on both lines
b) no ribbon is required
c) all cable lines must be painted safety orange

18. If openings are created within the "SAFETY RAIL SYSTEM" there must be :
a) protection provided for the worker at any openings, such as a chain between Break End Post when opening is not in use
b) openings do not require protection
c) a man watch

19. When purchased, it is the :
a) employer or their designated representative who is responsible to maintain and inspect the "Safety Rail System" to ensure it is in good working order prior to their use, during their use and after their use
b) supplier who is responsible to maintain and inspect the "Safety Rail System" on site
c) No inspections are required for the "Safety Rail System"

20. If the "SAFETY RAIL SYSTEM" can not be adequately secured to the parapet to withstand the minimum force of 200 lbs :
a) the "Safety Rail System" must not be used and alternate means of edge work protection must be incorporated into the task at hand for providing the worker with adequate protection
b) doesn't matter the "Safety Rail System" can be used in all building applications
c) both a and b

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